BARBECUE: Students may only barbecue in the designated areas.

BICYCLES, SCOOTERS, SKATEBOARDS: Students bringing a bicycle or scooter must pick up a free permit at check-in from the manager. Students may not store bicycles in the apartment/building at any time including walkways. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. should not be ridden inside the property. Students are responsible to remove bikes from Aspen Village Apartments when checking out.

CHECK-IN AND CHECKOUT PROCEDURES: Check-in and checkout procedures will be provided by the manager. Students will be charged $10/day for any days outside of the contract when pre-approved by management. Students must leave the apartment white-glove clean and leave the premises immediately after having officially checked out.

DAMAGES: Students are liable for any damages to the property. When more than one person is involved, each person will share in the expense. When students know who is responsible for any damage in public areas, they should provide such information to the manager. Individuals will be charged the actual cost including labor charges.

DECORATIONS: Appropriate decorations (posters, pictures, etc.) are encouraged. Since no items may be attached to the walls or doors with tape or nails, a special adhesive should be used to attach posters, etc., to the walls and doors. Windows and ceilings should be free from decorations.

FIRE/SAFETY: All open flames and burning embers, such as candles and incense are prohibited. It is illegal to tamper with fire extinguishers. Tampering, disabling, or destroying any smoke detector or alarm is prohibited. Nothing may be stored in the water heater and heater/furnace closets. Gasoline or other hazardous/flammable materials may not be stored in the apartment at any time.

FURNITURE: No furniture may be moved out of the room, apartment, or lounge to which it is assigned. Furniture should not be stacked. Used furniture is not permitted in order to prevent potential bed bug infestations.

GARBAGE: Garbage is to be removed from the apartments and put into the bin located in the parking lot in a timely manner. All cardboard is to be flattened before it is put into the bin. Students are to assist with picking up litter on the premises to help maintain a clean and pleasant environment. No garbage is to be left outside on the walkways.

GUESTS: Guests of the same sex may stay with a $10 charge per person per night as approved by management. See section 14 of the contract for additional information.

HOUSEKEEPING: Students are required to maintain order and cleanliness in their living accommodations at all times. Apartment clean checks are performed monthly. Students will supply their own cleaning products to clean their apartment. Cleaning supplies must be appropriate for the task, such as using toilet bowl cleaner to clean toilets or sanitizers and scrubbing pads to clean sinks. If students do not pass the clean check, a $5 recheck fee may be charged. Students will be charged $35/hr. if cleaning has to be performed by the manager or manager representative either during the semester or following the checkout.

INTERNET: The Internet is an “as is” service provided for students. Student may not install or use personal routers, switches, bridges, wireless access points, servers, DHCP servers, DNS servers, or any other device that may extend or disrupt network communications. If a student is in violation of any such use, he/she will be responsible for any maintenance or service costs incurred. Student equipment must be updated with anti-virus software and all updates must be current to be able to use the property’s Internet provider.

KEYS: Keys to apartments and mailboxes will be issued by the manager during the check-in process. Students are advised to keep their apartments locked at all times when not occupied. No Aspen Village keys are to be duplicated. The typical cost for replacing a mail or apartment key is $5 and $35 to rekey the apartment if the key is lost.

LINENS: Students need to bring their own sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, shower curtain, towels, and mattress cover. (Mattress covers are mandatory.)

MAINTENANCE: Students are responsible to notify the manager in writing as soon as possible if they notice anything in an apartment that requires repair work or maintenance. See “Property Condition” section 11 of the BYU-Idaho Student Landlord Housing Contract.

PARKING: Students bringing cars or motorcycles must fill out a parking contract to receive a free parking permit from the manager. Parking permits are handed out at check-in. There are a limited number of spaces available and parking permits are sold and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Rexburg City ordinance does not allow overnight parking on city streets from December 15 through March 1 and street parking on the block requires a City of Rexburg permit attainable at the police department.

STUDENT LIVING AND OTHER MEETINGS: Student Living Meetings are held at the beginning of each semester to teach and share principles consistent to successful apartment living. Students are expected to attend and contribute to the building of a positive culture within the complex. Additional meetings may also be held at other times during the year as directed by the manager. All students will be held accountable for any information discussed or distributed in the meetings, whether or not they attend.