Eligibility for Approved Housing, Compliance With Apartment Living Standards, and Parking Acknowledgment


I hereby certify that I am a “student” in good standing and am eligible to rent and reside in BYU-Idaho approved housing. I have been admitted to a track as a student at BYU-Idaho. Online-only and Continuing Education students are not eligible for approved housing. I understand that I cannot live in approved housing prior to my assigned semester start date or after graduation. I recognize and understand that my certification of student status and responsibility to maintain my student eligibility while attending BYU-Idaho is material to and relied upon by Landlord in entering into this rental agreement. I further certify that I am not registered as a sex offender. Any misrepresentation found herein is grounds for immediate termination of this rental agreement and such other legal and equitable remedies as Landlord may pursue. (See section 5 for more information.)


I agree to comply with and acknowledge Landlord’s and my responsibility to maintain the Apartment Living Standards as stated in the BYU-Idaho Approved Housing Guidebook incorporated herein by reference. Students are expected to help their guests and other residents understand and maintain the BYU-Idaho Apartment Living Standards. Failure to meet these expectations can be sufficient cause for termination of this Contract and eviction.


I know and understand that whether or not I own or operate a motor vehicle, I am responsible to know the parking guidelines and requirements of the housing property and abide by them. I also understand that I have a responsibility to reasonably inform guests who visit my apartment of the parking requirements. I understand that if I or any of my guests park illegally (e.g., in a resident’s or handicapped stall for which I or my guest(s) do not have a permit, outside of a designated stall, in a “no parking zone,” etc.), I or my guest(s) accept the risk of being booted or towed.